less money, more problems

January 26th, 2009

Just when i got used to writing 08 on my tickets i have to start writing 09.

The new year has brought me more then just this minor inconvenience though. I moved in to a new spot in Greenpoint. A genius move on my part in this economic climate seeing as it is more expensive then my old place by a bit. I also became the second full time courier for Trackstar Couriers. Here are the last few weeks in pictures.

Truck Job
Truck Job

two C-stands + four arms + six clamps = one unreasonable fucking truck job.

Trackstar Couriers "really we have a car, we swear"

bennys bag + my bag + my cetma rack + the cargo bike = another unreasonable truck job.

Cupcake Express

the cupcake express

The Cetma Rack
Bennys and Brads
House of Pistard Sticker
a london bar plug
Stone & Krillz


  1. crihs (January 27th, 2009)

    nice shots

  2. prolly (January 29th, 2009)

    that’s the gnarliest Naga I’ve ever seen. so dope.

  3. Dan (January 29th, 2009)

    maybe ill repaint it in the spring.

  4. eva (February 1st, 2009)

    no you won’t

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