Mechanical Failure

February 9th, 2009



  1. T_M (February 10th, 2009)

    How’d you manage that?

  2. marcelinyc (February 11th, 2009)

    Happened to me too.Sugino 75 Crank arm cracked after a year. Bottom bracket cracked during standing start.

  3. Luke (February 11th, 2009)

    Standing start? Damn Todd…

  4. T_M (February 11th, 2009)

    cracked under normal use, or doing a little freestyling?

    I knew the old Campy cranks were known for problems, but this is the first I’ve heard of a problem with 75s…

    Maybe you’re just too strong for your own good… hope you didn’t eat it when it cracked on you…

  5. dan (February 11th, 2009)

    marcelinyc and I both do about zero freestyling.

    Both those parts failed under normal use or messenger abuse as some call it.

  6. T_M (February 11th, 2009)

    I understand… I have a frame that needs a chainstay replaced due to normal messengering use.

  7. jay kay (February 15th, 2009)

    Serious Dan dont do tricks, he just passes people.

  8. Connor (February 15th, 2009)

    snapped the end off of a spindle just last week riding, never do anything but trackstanding on my winter beater. it sucked, but i’m still glad as hell it wasn’t a phil wood.

  9. Larry SoHarry (December 10th, 2009)

    The 75’s are not meant to be used with any other Bottom Bracket. I never used mine for delivering, i use an XD for that, but I am hard as hell on my 75’s and they laugh at me… The taper of the phil wood is not the absolute perfect taper for it. The 75, or the superlap is.

    Forget phil and miche.

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