Monstertrack X recap…

March 3rd, 2009

Well I hate waiting around for the start of an alleycat and of course like every other race this one did not start on time. It started a little bit past 5 in the East Village around the corner from Continuum Cycles. I was originally going to follow Dan, but he told me he was going down first and I wanted to go up.

So I had a bad start because my bike was not in a good spot. I had to battle through the crowd of bikers yelling for Sean. He caught me going up 1st avenue and we rode together but got separated coming down from 180 East end ave. I would ride the rest of the race by myself until I passed Dan and briefly Jumbo. But before that happened, manifest 2 (the red manifest) needed to be completed.

I came up 1st avenue and turned on 12st. As I was making the left on to avenue B I see Dan Jumbo and Lucas Brunnelle. I start yelling “TWO! TWO! TWO!”, and seconds later I am two blocks away from the two leaders. At one point i was a block away but they jumped on the west side highway with barely no traffic above Canal St. The head wind did not make it any better for me riding solo. I found myself about three blocks back with 3 checkpoints to go so I got a skitch which got me pretty close to them entering 601 w 26. I got to the checkpoint as they were leaving. I did not see them at 360 w 47, nor going the wrong way heading to 750 3rd ave. Got on 2nd with little hope at this point until I saw helmets in the distance around 28th st.

I got out the saddle and went for it. Some how I chopped a 3-4 block lead down to a 1/2 block lead. I made a left on 15st. instead of following them down 14st. Once we passed 1st avenue I made my move and passed them. I had the lead for about 20 seconds then Jumbo passed me. I tried chasing but did not succeed. First ever out of town winner of Monstertrack, he had his hands up thinking he had won. He did not know about the checkpoints in Brooklyn which I had no idea either. They gave me my direct rush to Affinity Cycles and I took off down avenue B, wrong way’ed it down Clinton and hoped on the roadway. About a quarter of the way up this car with a camera pops out of know where (ill let the video explain what happens next).

So I got to Affinity 1st thinking I had won, now I was wrong. “Go to Galapagos… 16 main st. DUMBO”. Off i went cursing at my life with Jumbo and Lucas still with me. I was not sure exactly where Main St. was, so I just headed to DUMBO. Went down York St. and made a right and a quick left on Main St. I sprinted for the finish, and so did Jumbo, but i had gotten there a split second before him. I could not believe what i just did. I still don’t…

Thanks to all the organizers, racers, volunteers and supporters. Thanks to Dan for making me work so hard.

1. Dominican Crihs
2. Jumbo (Copenhagen)
3. Dan C.
4. John Taki
5. Sean Kennedy

1. Heather
2. Dagga

This was my route.

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  1. smalls (March 4th, 2009)

    you know, i didn’t tell you, but i’m really proud of you

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