Rocky VII

July 27th, 2009

Last Friday the 17th after work, five of us caught the China Town bus (myself barely making it) to Philly for the Rocky Race. Like most bicycle races, this one was heavy on the cheaters. However, cheating in alleycats is completely acceptable, in fact, it is expected, but only so long as you don’t get caught. This was a lesson hard learned for not only the first place team, but the first place girls team as well. And so, TJ & Marco became the first place overall team for the second year in a row and Heather and Dagga took first girls for NYC. Dwain and I held down a respectable second place as well as first out of town team. The parties were a letdown but the late night cheesesteaks and milkshakes made up for it.

Oh yeah, Eva was there too:

Thanks to Demon Cats for awesome photos.

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