Track racing

September 1st, 2009

This weekend was NY State Track Championships at old lumpy. Old friend Alex Farioletti was in town and successfully defended his keirin title but was beat in the match sprint by soon-to-be Doctor Colin Prensky and former collegiate rower. The other heavy hitter out there, who took second in the three-up match sprint final is a former collegiate rugby player. Karl Roessler – scroll down, another local favorite was absent. Karl was an All American wrestler. The strongest non-pro I ever rode with, Richard Bolt – scroll down, a repeat runner-up for the Olympic Nordic Ski Team.

My point is that pure cyclists are bad athletes.

Hoy dusts him so decisively that he raises his hind well in advance of the finish line. The only reason Boss is competitive at all is because he is a master of the tactical aspects of the event.

Theo Boss ride like a cyclist, thrashing his upper body around. Meanwhile Chris Hoy moves like a guided missile, holding his arms soft, just strong enough to handle the force of taking the turn at 40 m/h. Hoy also carefully rocks his hip to fully open them and engage at top speed. Hoy destroys him because of his weight training and attention to core and posture to maximize power transfer.


  1. Liam (September 1st, 2009)

    I think that applies way more to track cycling than it does professional road racing. Cross training works more for certain riders and some of the most consistently successful riders are pure cyclists. Track is different.

  2. Luke (September 1st, 2009)

    To the extent I had a point, it is that generally the average to elite cyclist would be hard pressed to cross over to another sport and compete at a similar level, but the reverse is often not true. And that all cyclists would benefit greatly from some cross training.

    There was cross-over in the 80s and early 90s (Eric Heiden – speed skating, Mike Engels – running, Ned Overend – running). And don’t forget, Lance started as a triathlete.

  3. eva (September 1st, 2009)

    i am more interested in the six pack race race report, that shit is long overdue.

  4. dwain (September 4th, 2009)

    hoy stops at reds

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