Pushing weight

November 1st, 2009

Darren over at Brooklyn Machine Works turned me on to some great pictures over at Life of Sir Chris Hoy in the gym.

I haven’t really raced for a while, but I like to pretend I might, and I’m a big fan of lifting weights, Heavy weights. When I lift I keep it simple and stick to squats, dead lifts, and occasionally presses.

In the picture above Sir Hoy is performing a high bar back squat.

Notice here that Sir Hoy is going deep. This is absolutely crucial to move through the full range of motion. Don’t cheat yourself. Go below parallel.

Weight training is great for total body strength, but it does slow you down. Consequently, this winter I am going to experiment with Olympic Lifting at my gym and may even pay a visit to some specialists in Queens. I highly recommend a visit to that site. The pictures are amazing, and according to Alex, it’s even better than you think.

If you don’t have the time to put together a complete strength and power training program, here’s an interesting short cut. Remember, “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.”


  1. Dan (November 1st, 2009)

    oh Luke, you are a jock.
    love, dan

  2. Luke G (November 1st, 2009)

    i dig

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