Looking forward to CX next season

December 22nd, 2009

… if I ever get a bike together. I always wanted to race cross, but ever since last year I have always had a problem about borrowing or putting a bike together. Staten Island CX came along this year and I found out that Van Dessel was offering up bikes for the race. When I got there I could see the whole course. The only thing I kept thinking about was the barriers and not to fall on my face.

When the race started, I made efforts to get up to the front. By the time the first lap had ended, I was in the lead pack. During the second lap, it was just 3 of us. I felt fine mounting and dismounting of the bike now. I got confident and separated from the other two riders and took a lead. I held and extended my lead the last lap and won by a nice margin.

My second race was in Phillipsburg, NJ and the course looked a lot more technical. We should up late and I did not get a chance to warm up to see the course. Race had started and I was towards the front. So far so good until I kept getting slowed down by people in front of me falling. The course was pretty long and the field was big. When the second lap came, thats when the course started to eat me alive. I started slipping and falling, losing spots which each fall. I went from top 15 to finishing 25th. It was a good experience overall. I cant wait to do it next year.

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