Red Hook race report

March 21st, 2010

Last night was a blast even if I didn’t even get to the part where I had to worry about getting dropped. I messed up the whole shot at the start and found myself way outside in the first turn. Then some poor racer flatted just inside the turn from me, and I was pushed almost to the outside curb.

I chased and chased, blowing up pretty quickly. Eventual 5th place rider Pavel Marosin passed me on the start-finish straight a lap or two in, but I wasn’t recovered enough to hold his wheel.

But enough about me. Despite my poor showing, Empire riders were in force. Dan won, and even though he was forced on to the curb in the last turn, Chris placed fourth. Here they are, with Al who placed second.

(photo from TAK)

It was an extremely fun, but dangerous race. If the race happens next year, I’d like to see lapped riders pulling out, or at least sitting up and pulling over when gettingĀ  lapped. A separate women’s field would be another improvement.

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  1. Crihs (March 23rd, 2010)

    that comment is not going to go well with casey …

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