May 7th, 2010

At some point I realized we had nothing in the way of production stills. An old friend had told me early on that I needed a photographer and production stills. I didn’t listen, but he was right. So lately I’ve been bringing my old T4 with me and just taking snaps. Here are a few of the recent ones.

When you run around with a camera, people want to know what’s happening. Sometimes you can even make new friends, like Lola.

Getting the trickster, and now track star in traffic.

He’s not allowed to drive. But I let him sit on it and wear my sunglasses.

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  1. Doug D (May 7th, 2010)

    great black and whites. But I also remember asking for a call when you all go on shoots so I could document your project with stills.
    so it goes..

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