Empire at the Red Hook Crit 4

March 27th, 2011

The Red Hook Crit has become sort of a big deal in four years thanks to Dave Trimble’s amazing work getting sponsors and negotiating with the local community surrounding the race course.

The first year Kacey Manderfield, a national champ won. This year she got 7th. The second year, Neil Bezdek won. Then he got a pro ride. This year he finished second, after a being invited back to race pro for another year. Last year and this year Dan Chabanov won.

The race started fast, with the first selection forming a group of about 15 riders by the 3rd lap. A few more laps in, the eventual podium-holders Dan, Neil and Al opened up a gap. Nate Trimble, Dave Trimble’s younger brother bridged up. The chase group almost closed the gap, but strong attacks within the group ended the bridging attempt. Chas and Gerry rode strong at the front, along with JT.

Dan made a strong move going into the last hair pin turn, and avoided getting nipped at the line by Neil.

Race Results:

01. Daniel Chabanov
02. Neil Bezdek
03. Alexander Barouh
04. Nathan Trimble +3 sec
05. Gerald Adasavage +36 sec
06. John Kniesly +36 sec
07. Kacey Manderfield +36 sec
08. Chas Christiansen +36 sec
09. John Taki Theodoracopulos +36 sec
10. Eric Robertson +36 sec

The internet has a ton of pictures. Here’s the first complete set I’ve seen.

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