Phot by Christian Thormann

Photo by Crihs Thormann

Yatika Starr Fields landed in the great BK after tumbling from the plains of Oklahoma to the Boston streets, bombing all the way. Now in his fifth year raising two-wheel havoc on the avenues of Manhattan, he spends his time between the bike and the paintbrush—putting visions of the city on canvas. Color and movement are the motto of his days.

Often skidding into the top five in alley cats from borough to borough and state to state, he also travels with his art nationwide. Recently granted a residency at the Eitelgorg Institute in Indianapolis, he’s also represented at Chiaroscuro Contemporary Gallery in Santa Fe and participates in group shows near and far.

“Riding the river of the avenue in NYC takes a lot of skill.  Like a game of chess you need to think 4 moves ahead and anticipate every action of the opponent.”