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Winter training

January 18th, 2009

It’s been pretty wintery here in NYC. Last night wasn’t too bad, and stayed above 20. Yatika, Crihs and I headed out to Red Hook to support artist, friend and fellow rider JT. His opening was at The WORK Gallery.
Unfocused detritus

After taking in the art, it was time to get in some off season efforts.

Crihs led the way with some cross training, and broke down wood pallets for the bonfire.
Crihs breaking up pallet
The point 2
I did some pallet work too, but wanted something more sports specific. So I organized sprints around the block.
Racers ready

We ran a few heats. I won the large heat, but lost to Andrew. I told him he only won because I didn’t want to hurt him. I think that may have been the whiskey talking. Regardless, congratulations to Andrew. He’s a promising sprinter.
Luke and Andrew and Purple

A special shout out to the cop who rolled by and didn’t stop to break up the scene.