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The internet is old

January 6th, 2009
He could be giving YOU bike advice

He could be giving YOU bike advice

From time to time I read forums and other blogs and I see the same questions repeated over and over again. Questions about spoke tension, frame materials, whether or not to grease bottom bracket spindles, and other old chestnuts. Sheldon Brown did a lot to address these classics, and was also kind enough to acknowledge his long-time adversary and wheel expert Jobst Brandt.

But the crucible that forged these ideas and shaped these positions was Usenet. Specifically, Where else can you see a poster with a NASA email address replying to a thread about frame materials with information about how similar the elastic modulus being debunked by someone with an obscure .gov email address pointing out that yield point is vastly different?

In the early 90s, this is where Sheldon Brown, Jobst Brandt, and a cast of dozens which included engineers, racers, students and bicycle enthusists of all stripes, honed their opinions on all matters technical and bicycling. So the next time you want to know why rear brakes are less efficient, and thus why (implicitly) a fixed gear without brakes isn’t really that safe, search the archives.